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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What would Gran say?

Been thinking a lot about my Gran lately... Not sure why? probably because as Aubbie is growing (and boy is he/she growing!) inside me i am thinking about things i want to pass on to him/ her...

My Gran- Mabel Abercrombie was born on the 11/11/ 1919- My brother Mike always loved her birthdate! She died 2 years ago, 1 week after her 90th birthday.
I love this picture of her because she looks so happy and is in a garden somewhere. She loved being outdoors and loved gardening.

i am sad that Aubbie wont know Gran  and i wonder what she would want to pass on to our Aubbie.
Gran loved the outdoors and was such an adventurer. Every year my cousins (as many of us as can come) get together to do a hike. the 1st year we slept on top of the amphitheatre in Mid June just like our Gran used to do yearly until she was about 85.

 Gran was much tougher than us! We moaned about the cold and generally didnt cope very well! it was  THE coldest night of my life! but in the midst of defrosting the next morning we found an even deeper respect for Gran on top of the Drakensburg! what an incredible woman  who didnt let anything stop her!

i guess thats what i hope Aubbie will get from Gran- a sense of adventure and a love for the outdoors. And a better ability to deal with the cold than his/her parents have!

Gran was also no- nonsense about things. She wouldnt have made a fuss about the cold or moaned but she'd probably have told us all to stop "playing silly buggers" and just do what needs to be done!


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Crying Racism or crying wolf

This furore over the "spear of the nation/ JZ" picture has really got people stirred up, hasn't it? What I find most interesting is that people are calling the picture racist... I don't really agree... I couldn't disagree if they said offensive, disrespectful, inflammatory... But racist? Racist implies that one race is put above another or one race group is put down based solely on race... I think , we as south Africans need to stop crying racism whenever anything happens that we don't agree with. I am whole heartedly opposed to racism but I think crying racism too much is like crying wolf... People stop taking you seriously! And I won't even begin to comment on what I think about the painting... That's a whole nothing story for a whole other day...