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Monday, 23 January 2012

Are rhinos the most important thing happening?

I have been following the rhino poaching stories and people's reactions to it with interest. I agree it is horrific and senseless. And I don't want to minimize that at all.
But I do question whether this is the most important and heart breaking thing happening in the world?
Other things happening at the moment
- human trafficking
- Horrific rapes by family members
- murdering your family and committing suicide
I see people posting comments and pics on fb about the rhinos but I seldom see any reaction to all the ways in which people are abused daily.
Is the difference that we (humans) aren't at risk of going extinct?

Sunday, 8 January 2012

What constitutes a joke?

So... I can't sleep! Doesn't happen often cos luckily I have good sleep genes but tonight is one of those where I am not able to switch off and fall into lala land. Probably cos I had a thoroughly lazy day involving watching tv, reading and eating... My body is like, nope you haven't actually done enough today to qualify for sleep!

So blogging it is...

This holiday, which is sadly drawing to an end, we (Philippe and I) watched Trevor Noah's latest dvd- crazy normal! It is really, really, really funny. Invest In some SA home grown comedy and go out and get it. Definitely worth it!

Got me thinking... Trevor Noah really has the best genetics for being a SA comedian. A black mom, white dad and he is according to SA's highly sophisticated classification system coloured... Meaning he can just about rip off any racial group in SA without offense cos he is part of all of them!

Which made me think some more... When is a joke funny and when is it offensive? I love comedians who make us less self conscious about ourselves and give us those light bulb moments of- that is exactly what I as a white/ black/ coloured person do. I think that's a great comedian, like Trevor Noah.
I guess the other reason Trevor Noah is so great is that he is a SA, talking SA, ripping us off. It's much more palatable when it is an insider doing it... And that brings me back to his great comedian genetics... Would he be as funny and permissible if he were a white Afrikaner from Boksburg?

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thoughts on Durban, racism and Durban racism

Philippe's parents live in Durban, as do both of my sets of aunts and uncles. So we were down in Durbs for a few days before Christmas.
Us, and most of gauteng.
While we were down there I was amazed by a couple of things.

Firstly I realized that most people assume that because I am white, I am racist and feel that they then are able to openly make racist comments about other races to me. Weird! I would never, when I don't know someone assume that I know what they think about something sensitive and make offensive comments about it.

Secondly I was struck by how much more racist Durban, as a whole, is! Or is it just more overtly racist than johannesburg? I have been wondering why...
A couple of thoughts- firstly Durban still feels more segregated than joburg. I am not sure if it feels more segregated because Phil's parents live in a previously coloured area and so I do kind of palely stick out. Also people are not rushing to move into "previously non-white" areas so their area is very homogenous. Whereas where we live in Joburg is a "previously white" area. And it is quite heterogeneous.
But my impression is still of more racism in durban. People seem to have fairly fixed and negative ideas about the different groups.
I wonder why?
Is Joburg more cosmopolitan and so we are more confronted with different people which makes us more tolerant? I am not sure that is true because when I was doing exams at the University of Kwazulu Natal I was really impressed at the diversity of the student group.

I am not sure if my thoughts are fair... I am probably making generalizations which I always warn against, don't I?