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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How a friend changed my life...

Today i had my hair cut by Stacy which is always so exciting because i always leave HAIR ON 1st IN GREENSIDE  feeling like a million bucks and looking great...

 My new hair :) And our garden wall- 1 handed phone photo!

Got me thinking about my incredible hair dresser and friend Stacy.
I haven't got the greatest self image but it is loads better than it used to be and i can attribute a lot of that to Stacy. I know Stacy from church and she had been nagging me to come see her to have my hair done. i put it off and put it off...mainly cos going to the hair dresser was traumatic. staring at myself for a couple of hours and leaving not feeling great... not my idea of fun.
So Stacy, booked me an appointment 1 day and told me to be there. I went, with trepidation, but i went. Stacy did colour in my hair, cut my hair in a short funky hair style and tinted my eyebrows. And gave me a 3 hour pep talk on myself... I dont think she even charged me.
And i looked good! i felt good!

It was like she flipped a switch in me... It wasn't like the next week i met Prince Charming AKA Philippe BUT...  I suddenly had confidence. i stepped up into leadership positions at church and work. it felt like i became more me... and i started seeing myself with more moderation... i am who i am- i am beautiful- i am good enough- i am me.

Stacy is a brilliant hair dresser stylist and she used her amazing gifts to bless me hugely. and change how i saw myself.
In thinking about Stacy i think that is the best thing you can do in life use your talents to bless someone else!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Things people say!

Last week i took Luc to the sister at Dischem to be weighed. He is now a hefty 7kg! No wonder i am exhausted by the end of the day.
As you arrive you sign in so that there can be no arguments about who is next in line. I was signing in and had my back to the other people (an elderly lady in a wheelchair and her son),  and i hear this lady say to her son- "Wasn't that a white lady? How does she have this child?"
The son was obviously embarrassed because later while his mother was seeing the sister he told me she is senile...

I'll be honest- i thought it was quite funny and was chuckling to myself as i signed in... but as i write what she said down i guess some people may be offended by the comment... People are quick to comment on what Luc looks like... My post about coffee coloured people
I actually dont mind the comments. Even the one by the senile granny at Dischem. I am just interested in why...Is it because he looks quite different from me? Most people ask tentatively "What nationality is his dad?" or something along those polite lines...

i am not sure really if i am trying to make a point here... but do we purely get so many comments because he is a very different colour from me or does everyone get this commentary on their children? I would love to hear!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Luc lesson...

Sorry i have been a bit quiet the last week...
I was sick and thats never fun... but being sick as a mommy is a whole other ball game. There is no having an afternoon nap or lying on the couch feeling sorry for yourself. My little boy doesn't understand why i am not playing at 100% energy levels. At one point i positioned multiple cushions around Luc while i lay on the floor of his room watching him play.
What this "being sick as a mommy" has taught me is:
  • I am not the centre of the universe... Being a mommy teaches you that quickly but this past week has hammered it home... It is so good to get over myself. the more i do this mommy thing i realise how selfishly i have lived life. I did what i wanted, when i wanted it. even in my marriage i was guilty of that. it was too often about me and my needs and not enough about Philippe and his needs or our families needs. So, Luc in his unassuming way, has thrown me in the deep end with this one. His needs are immediate and he doesnt understand that i am not feeling 100%! i have to put aside myself... And that is a good thing!
  • ASK FOR HELP! I needed to ask for help from my mom and Philippe. i am really good at being passive- aggressive when i dont get help... I actually need to say- please come home a bit early to help me or please watch Luc so i can sleep... Feeling sorry for myself and muttering to myself isn't going to get me help or communicate what i need
Thankfully i am feeling loads better...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

More on the baby my parents found...

The latest update on the little girl my parents found...
The social worker at the hospital asked my parents to name her. Apparently who ever finds a child has the honour of naming them.
My parents decided on Emma Jane Moses

Emma means whole. I pray this for you baby girl. That no matter how your life began you will be whole

Jane. This is my moms name. My dad insisted on giving her this second name. And in thinking about it, it is like giving an affirmation that although my parents found her and cant keep her, she will always be remembered and have a place in their hearts.
Jane means Gift of God. And she is. Just that brief encounter with her has left me profoundly moved by what an incredible, huge, mind blowing gift LIFE is.

 Moses because she was found in the reeds...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

On being positive...

I don't know about you, but it feels like there is so much negativeness around at the moment. My brain and soul feel inundated with too much yuckiness... Oscar Pistorious, too many rapes, too many murders, lots of break ins in our area... Just lots of yuckiness...
And its left me feeling kind of down and disheartened... what to do? how on earth to deal with so much stuff?

Psalm 62.5 Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him

On the one hand i do need to be positive and i actively choose to be! 
But on the other hand there is nothing i can do... Nothing! i need to wait on God... All of me... All the time...

My hope is in him!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Luc lesson

Luc loves being outdoors! If he is having an unhappy moment we just have to go into the garden and he settles and is absolutely fascinated by the plants, noises, birds and all the life around him.

It is like he realises innately that being outside is good for the soul! It is good for the soul and i am sometimes too lazy to go outside because it takes a bit more effort than just plonking on the couch.

A little bit of effort is good for the soul...