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Monday, 3 November 2014

Feeling loved

I like the concept of the 5 love languages because I have always been a clear cut gifts kind of girl. I felt loved when I received gifts and expressed my love for others by giving gifts (even if it is small like a snack or a chocolate).

What I have felt strange in the last few years is how my love languages have changed. and I think that is quite normal and if I have read the book properly, happens...

These days words of affirmation or encouragement do it for me... And here are my thoughts on why that feels more important right now.

When I was working full time I got a lot of affirmation and encouragement. I was competent at my job and so got that feedback regularly.

Being a mom is so different. there is very little affirmation that you are on the right track. and not a lot of thank you for the day to day things you do. there is no one who sees what you do. other than my sweet boy who although very sweet has yet to master the art of a spontaneous thank you or I love you!

Also I think the affirmation/ encouragement I crave is about who I am/ my personality/ my talents. if I think back to a couple of years ago I loved compliments about what I look like. and sure that is nice but what I want now is a little input on me. Being a mom sometimes feels so brain- less that I just want to know I am not brain dead. and because a lot of mothering is about putting yourself aside and putting someone else first it is hard to remember who I am.

But please don't stop giving me gifts ;-)!

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