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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

More on losing my religion

So my last post taught (or rather highlighted) some things for me:
  1. People are amazing. The support and care people showered on me after my (very public) rant was incredible. Thank you friends. Much appreciated.
  2. You definitely need a catchy title for blog posts... Much more people read them :)
  3. Being vulnerable is hard. I had the largest vulnerability hangover EVER.
So... I am still feeling a little (lot) sore and lost and sad but better. The support of friends and virtual friends has been wonderful.
What I have realised though is that the place I want to be is with God. I want to be in his presence. My heart longs for that. But it is sore and raw and hard there cos I cant pretend I am ok and all my junk hanging out isn't pretty. I cant pretend I am ok, strong, not hurting. So I am avoiding that place a bit (lot ;-)).
And I maintain I don't want to hear advice or 5 easy steps to healing/ hearing or whatever.  I hope it is ok with God that I will find my way back to our relationship (NOT RELIGION) in time.

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  1. I don't think God needs religion to do his PR work or manage his appointments as much as religion needs God. You are in a good place. Enjoy the new relationship.